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Babies Have It Made With These Gadgets

Babies Have It Made With These Gadgets, Baby Strollers, Baby Beds, Baby not sleeping at night, Give the baby a bottle, Musical Swings Join The New Nation Sit...

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  1. I’m in stitches from laughter!
    You’re good man!

  2. Back in the day, they pulled open the chest of drawers, threw a pillow in there and put that baby in there for the night and that baby was glad to have it LOLOL then he walked to school in the snow in the middle of summer heat uphill both ways lmbo.

  3. when i was teething i was teething, maybe on the leg of a chair, but i got throught it either way

  4. Don’t forget all items have to be organic materials…

  5. ET you are the real voice of the people

  6. I told my kids when the icecream man plays his chime it means he’s ran out and and letting the kids no he’s going to fill up, thats bad but its saved me hundreds

  7. I used to get bathed in the sink aswell, DAMN

  8. You are my hero!


  10. My dad always told us that when we grew up he was going to come to our house and put his feet on our coffee table lol

  11. my 1st bed was a cot. I slept on a cot for years, but we were a family and we cared for and looked out for each other and that’s all that mattered to us.

  12. hahahaha that was hilarious

  13. lol

  14. I slept on a mattress on the bedroom floor with my parents till I was 8 but who cares I was a baby and can barely remember. lol

  15. A pro comedian could get some great jokes from this video. As it is, I laughed out loud a few times. LOL Great job Mr. Williams.

  16. My first bed was a drawer lined with blankets.

  17. its all about the money and stupid people

  18. Also; I’m a grandfather of a 21 years old hood rat with 2 kids from two different fathers…I won’t be spoiling any of them……never met any of the fathers…that’s from my first relationship with my ex…even paid 20 years in child support.

    I’ve only been with 2 females in my life…the ex PUERTO RICAN…with 3 more kids.
    Now my wife European for 16 years with one child……and he will turn 8 next week….yes Sir…before fathers day.

    I’m proud on how my life had turned out. The ex can’t.

  19. Ice in a sock LOL 

  20. I can see it now, Some 22’s on a Fisher Price stroller

  21. Rims on a Stroller

  22. ET…My brother

    I’m from DR .Santo Domingo. I’m old school since the 70’s.
    I JUST TURNED……42 this weekend.
    All the way down from boogie down Bronx…now live in Brooklyn.

    But, when I was born…the floor was my bed…in DR.
    In NYC…the floor was my bed….until…my late mother picked-up…someone else’s mattress from the streets.

    that was the real life in my eyes.

    But, for my son….HE HAS EVERYTHING.

  23. ha!

  24. jajajajaja

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