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Baby Gizmo Orbit Baby G2 Stroller Review

A video review of the Orbit Baby G2 stroller by Hollie Schultz of Background music provided by

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  1. I so agree with you! Reminds me of a toilet… not sure why, it’s just ugly…

  2. what am ugly heap of shit! “the cargo pod….. thats fun too?” She really means its rubbish! Who would be caught dead with this monstrosity??

  3. I absolutely live this stroller, I live in the city and it’s perfect for city moms! My newborn is on its way and I am trying to see if I need to buy the entire travel system or if the G2 toddler seat is as good for a newborn when it’s placed on the car base… Is this seat as safe and comfortable for a newborn when placed on the orbit baby car seat base?

  4. if i got paid for it then i would have it!!!

  5. my wife call me to see this fucknd video…(shes dead now)

  6. Yeah. I looked it up and I suppose with all the gadgets/functions that it has it would be on the expensive side.

  7. It really does look cheap, but its one of the most expensive

  8. I wish this video was an actual review… seems like she’s just trying to sell the stroller not review it

  9. I take my niece shoping, and have to put the basket on the hood. If you go shopping, where do you put the basket? I’ve always wondered why new mother’s would get this type of pram.

  10. username: clpriore

    Also..not related but this video has a GREAT 10 min. ad in the beginning that every American should watch.

  11. I love the 360 degree turn of this stroller!

  12. Username Foltzies02

  13. I like that the insert has 2 sides and 1 with fleece for the colder months. It stopped in front of the Louis Vuitton store in the video.

  14. I think orbit baby is the best stroller out there. I am surprised anyone finds this stroller ugly. I have the infant seat and everywhere we go , people come up and ask us about this stroller. It is very well built , good looking and very convient. It is well worth the investment. Thank you for the video also. I was planning on getting this attachment. I wanted to know does the foot rest come out completly for smaller babies? Thank you:))

  15. Ugliest thing I have ever seen!

  16. Not my style. Looks really cheap :/.

  17. when you see an expert struggling you have to wonder

  18. comfortable fo 3y old? Are u kidding ? terrible stroller

  19. the best customer service and amazing stroller

  20. for a stroller that costs over 900 US, it should fold itself.

  21. We have the Orbit travel system and it was great, very helpfull and easy to use. Good quality product and smart futures.
    As soon as we got the G2 stroller seat I changed my mind for the company. It looked cheap quality from the moment I saw it. The side handles broke within a month of use. Our toddler broke the tray in one day! realy poor quality for its price.
    Both the car and stoller base are still great though cause the have not change them.

  22. This is one of the ugliest strollers I have ever seen! :D I wouldn’t want it if I would get paid for owning one:D Sorry :D

  23. What about the Stokke stroller? :)

  24. I bought this stroller and used it for both of my kids. The orbit stroller is just reliable, safety and comport. You can read a full and honest review about the orbit stroller.

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