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Baby Jogger City Select and City Versa 2013 Comparison

There will be no new updates to either the Baby Jogger City Versa or Baby Jogger City Select for 2013. With the exception of an additional blue color available for the City Versa. This is a comparison video of the City Select and City Versa! You have to see the video to find out which one would fit your family best! Have questions??? Call 855-JOG-MOM1

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  1. Hello, The latest update on delivery for the Versa is June or July 2012. There will be an optional car seat and or bassinet attachment for this stroller.

  2. will the city versa have the attachment for a car seat and bassinet?

  3. Hello, the new City Versa is projected for Spring 2012 an actual delivery month has not been given at this time. Please check back for updates on delivery dates in a month or so.

  4. When in 2012 will the city versa be available?

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