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Bugaboo Strollers Review Everytime I start to write a review for the Bugaboo, it turns into a novel. I will just bullet point the high & low-lights and help you to decide. Pros: 1. Definitely the coolest looking, best-designed stroller in your play group. People WILL stop you and ask about it. 2. Integration of Graco/Peg car seat via adapter is great. 3. Pram/Seat features are fun & handy as child grows. 4. Handle tilt, two-wheel mode, reverse-facing options, brakes, tires, suspension are all top-notch design features, while mosquito net, rain-shield, and optional bag-hangers, diaper bag, foot-muff, umbrella all come in handy albeit pricey. Cons: 1. It still takes up considerable space in your car. We have a wagon, so we have the room to give. 2. When collapsing, you have to balance the handle, lest it gets scratched up. 3. Storage capacity. Americans require storage for everything including drinks for Mom and baby, Europeans don't.(Remember, they don't really care about cup-holders in their cars. We require 2-3 per person) 4. Most obviously, price. This pram is pricey. We bought the Bugaboo and have noticed we do walk more with our baby. For that reason alone, it has been worth the price. The added looks and cache are a bonus.

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