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Graco baby stroller recall

Kim Dulic\Consumer Product Safety Commission: "An infant can move about inside the stroller and slide down all the way up to the neck and a baby's head gets trapped right at the tray. And it poses a trapment and strangulation hazard."

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  1. i have quinny travel system

  2. they should also put the 5 point harness on these strollers like Most of the new strollers have to help keep the child in place. and Parents should ALWAYS Buckle their child in the seat of the stroller. I do it to both of my Girls but my 4 year old only sits in our sit and stand and she only gets buckled if she isnt listening now because she is big enough to stand in the back. and my 15 month old aways gets buckled in all of the strollers we have.

  3. This kind of stroller should not be reproduced.. I don’t believe Graco can’t make a better design, a design that could make sure durability and safty for each child placed inside the stroller.

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