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My Top 3 Strollers!!!

This is a video comparing my top 3 strollers. Featured are a 2011 Uppa Baby Vista in Denny, Maclaren Volo in Coffee and a Bugaboo Bee Special Edition!!! Than...

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  1. Sweet Collection, kinda like cars for guys )) We just got our self Orbit Baby in Red and 4Moms Origami.

  2. Great reviews on all your strollers. We have 3 strollers as well. We got an Upababy Cruz,, great for traveling and I like the fact that your baby is higher, a Chicco liteway umbrella and a Chicco Cortina strollers (thinking of giving this one to my niece and upgrading to either a Stokke Xplory or Bugaboo Camelion for outdoor strolling) It kinda does help having all 3 esp if your are an active parent and do take your kids almost everywhere with you!!

  3. Thanks for such a great detailed showing of these strollers. :)

  4. i have both a bugaboo chamo and uppababy g-luxe and having more than 1 stroller i feel is necessary! A light weight easy fold, and a more luxury ride, depends on your mood. Kudos to you! ;)

  5. great video! helps a lot:) we have now bugaboo bee plus and maclaren volo :))) thanks

  6. I like my citi mini elite double and I got it used by a lady who never used it, so we got lucky. We use it a lot because we live in Orlando and go to the theme parks a lot, but the downside is it weighs 40 lbs

  7. How do you feel about Mamas and Papas? I have gone through 4 different strollers and the last one I am at now is Maxi-Cosi Foray but I don’t like it so I am selling it.. I am going crazy looking for the best stroller.. My son is a tall toddler he is 35in tall and 31 pounds, is Mamas and Papas good or should I get something else?

  8. Its just not practical to have 3 strollers. Maybe 2 a full sized like the bugaboo all terrain kind and an umbrella for a quick on the go. especially in city life…

  9. I still don’t quite understand why you say that the bugaboo is your favorite?

  10. What do you think about the jj Cole broadway stroller?

  11. haha and i always thought it was all about buying the ONE right stroller for your family / baby. :D if we could afford it we would have at least 2 i think :)

  12. Also I recommend buying top luxury brand strollers used. You can always resell them when you no longer need them if you take good care of them. Buying a good stroller is like buying a car. no one needs 3 cars.

  13. * my child is tall not he is tall.

  14. you don’t need 3 strollers for one child. I had a Bumbleride from birth to two years. I recently bought a Bugboo bee because he is tall. Having one stroller is best. It doesn’t mean you are going to keep the same stroller for the 4 years you will use it with your child. children age 3-4 only need a stroller if you are in the city and are not driving a car. If you are a suburban american you barely need that.

  15. Awe! Thanks so much for the sweet comment :) It means a lot, I dislike the negative ones. It’s a shame.

  16. Silly, isn’t it? ;)

  17. Why not? They all serve a different purpose in my life. ;)

  18. You can get cheaper ones I agree. An I am not showing off, some new mommies want an honest opinion of baby products from others. That is why they watch these videos. ;)

  19. I would say the Triumph because it has more features. I found it at Babiesrus on sale an then I had a 20% off coupon!

  20. Well that’s not nice. Thanks for watching!

  21. If you don’t have something helpful or constructive, why not keep you comments to yourself? Some people are so low class.

  22. this is crap! you can get cheap strollers and still do a great job! you are just showing off! 

  23. thinking about gettin the maclaren. im debating between volo, globetrotter or triumph. which one you recommend? ps, where you get that volo for $70?

  24. COOOOOOL  !!!!!!!!!!

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