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TransLink Strollers Video

Here's a step-by-step video of to ride on the bus with your stroller. All of our bus services are 100% accessible. Let us know what you think!

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  1. THX ;o) I have a “Limo” of a stroller … and I need transit at least once a month – day passes are so convenient, too * much appreciated ; Sure, I’ve had my share of um experiences … but haven’t we all – getting there (Journey) have the fun … ;o) I always pick non – busy times , and use the handicapped seating , when possible . on skytrain sometimes folks without handicaps use these seats – Ugh . I end up in the aisles and disembark and / or catch next one when easiest for other patrons

  2. LOL Omg the strollers on buses!

  3. It would be best if people with strollers would pull up the wheelchair seats and park the stroller in there. Also, can we have a rule that would prevent SUV-sized strollers from using public transit since it can block an entire aisle.

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