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Walk&Roll Space Saving Ramp Step Modules for trolleys, strollers, hand trucks, wheelchairs

Trolleys, hand trucks, baby strollers, geared wheelchairs, platform stair lifts, can climb 'walk&roll stairs' as smoothly as a ramp. Pedestrians can halve ef...

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  1. Hi! This is a customized and permanent staircase (but it’s removable easily). Although a variable track width device could be made easily, there are so many trolleys, pushcarts, pushchairs with 50 cm (20 inch) track width in the market, for recommending this measure like a standard. Thanks

  2. I like the concept but got a question: is it only suitable for one “track width” (distance between the wheels) or is it a range of widths?
    Great idea and thanks for your answer!

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