Safe Child Car Seats Best Safety Car Seats For Your Child – 2010


2013 Renault Fluence/Samsung SM3 NCAP Frontal Offset (LatinNCAP – Four Stars)

Four Stars Overall. Adult occupant: In the frontal impact the driver and passenger heads were both well protected by the restrain systems. Both seatbelts were not equipped with pretensioners. There were hazardous structures in the area of the facia that could be impacted by an occupants knees. The passenger chest was marginally protected by the restrain systems. Child occupant: The child seat for the 1,5 and the 3 year old child was able to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact. The installation instructions on both child seats were insufficient and not permanently attached to the seat. The vehicle did not give any warnings as to the hazards associated with installing a rearward facing child seat on the front passenger seat with an active airbag.

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