Safe Child Car Seats Best Safety Car Seats For Your Child – 2010


2013 Volkswagen Bora/Clásico/Jetta City NCAP Frontal Offset (LatinNCAP – Three Stars)

Three Stars Overall. Adult occupant: In the frontal impact the driver and passenger heads were both well protected by the restrain system. There were hazardous structures in the area of the facia and centre console that could be impacted by an occupants knees. The bodyshell showed that it can not withstand further loadings. The passenger pretensioner showed a poor performance. Child occupant: The child seats for the 3 year old child and the 11/2 year old child were able to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact and protected both child well. The installation instructions on both child seats were sufficient and permanently attached to the seat. The vehicle had warning labels explaining the hazards associated with installing a rearward facing child seat on the front passenger seat with an active aribag, but this warning was not permanetly attached to the vehicle.

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  1. Shit car, and still alive.

  2. i guess thats a good thing if u wanna get a newer version of an older ride… mexico and other countrys made the vw beetle for many decades too

  3. Not too bad for a model that was introduced in 1998.

  4. Canada still had this Jetta in 2010, called the Jetta City.

  5. they keep building it for some markets with some minor cosmetic changes

  6. Wait…that’s 2013? The last time they made that body style in America was 2004!

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