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2013 Volkswagen Polo (9N) NCAP Frontal Offset (LatinNCAP – Four Stars)

Four Stars Overall. Adult occupant: In the frontal impact the driver and passenger heads were both well protected by the restrain system. There were hazardous structures in the area of the facia and centre console that could be impacted by an occupants knees. The structure was able to withstand further loadings Child occupant: The Isofix child seat for the 3 year old child was able to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact and protected the 3 year old child well. The belted CRS for the 11/2 year old child was able to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact and adequately well the child. The installation instructions on both child seats were sufficient and permanently attached to the seat. The vehicle did not have warning labels explaining the hazards associated with installing a rearward facing child seat on the front passenger seat with an active aribag.

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  1. Thanks for your answer and sorry for not having understood what you said before. We hope that our car market continues on this way…

  2. I didn’t say that you didn’t know the difference, I said the car companies don’t think that you do. I agree though, that Brazil is getting some pretty cool cars recently and it’s good that the car companies aren’t getting away with that behavior anymore.

  3. Yes, Gareth Smith, we (and South Africa) have a 2013 “old” Polo. Problem?
    For your information, our local VW engineering team are developing a new model of VW FOX, with german equivalent technology to take the place of this Polo. Please, get informed before say something about other countries, OK? Hugs.

  4. The problem here in Brazil is different and much more complex that you said. Here WE KNOW WELL THE DIFFERENCE between our vehicles. We are now in a new phase, a phase of protests, and pressure that IS MAKING CAR COMPANIES AS WELL OUR GOVERNMENT TO CHANGE models of vehicles, taxes and prices structures. Our country is very different that you are thinking. Hugs.

  5. Oh I don’t no that we in UK have the new ones

  6. Lots of car companies stick South America with older body style vehicles because they can be sold for cheaper in developing countries and because they don’t think the people will know the difference.

  7. The “9N” code on the title says that this is the previous generation of the VW Polo, that still sells today here in Brazil.

  8. This is not a 2013 polo its a older one.. ..

  9. The back looks old but the frunt looks new I’m gone to look that up

  10. That looks like an old polo the new one looks Like the gti

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