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Are You Using Your Car Seat Correctly?

Knowledge is power! Here are some of the top mistakes most parents make when it comes to car seat safety. Feel free to add anything else you'd like. Enjoy! :) Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram: @JesssFam

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  1. none, it is 100% safe! My almost 4 year old loves it and actually complin his legs hurt when FORWARD FACING

  2. Thats what I”m going to do, “Extended Rear Facing!!”

  3. i dunno if i agree once there legs are too long
    i mean what are the effects on the legs the spine and hips if they have to cross their legs.

  4. If Lilia asks for you to turn her car seat around to forward facing will you let her or tell her why not. Just curious. Btw you ave completely changed my view on car seats thanks

  5. @Helen Altafulla

  6. I think even addressing the problem of not strapping your child in their stroller properly is a big issue too! I see many parents leaving their children not strapped in at all, even those babies under 12mths. A big “no, no” in my books.

  7. Im glad you made this its one of my oet peeves when a child is not strapped in properly! My son is 26 mknths and 24 lbs and will be rear as long as possible

  8. You said most Americans aren’t using it right the truth is most Americans DONT use car seats

  9. I will thanks!

  10. Just for future reference, if you ever have any carseat questions, check out the Facebook group “Car Seats for the Littles”. We have a ton of techs on there to help answer questions. :]

  11. and I promise, if someone HAD been trying to get you to use it incorrectly, I’d have stepped in and said something! The most important thing is keeping our kiddos safe. :D

  12. I understand completely! I would be the same way! :D
    No harm done! I’m just glad we got the whole confusion sorted out! All the information out there about carseats can be really confusing. :]

  13. He has his 1 year checkup next week so we will know for sure his overall height then. I thought I was going to have to get a new car seat. I also thought people were trying to get me to use my carseat incorrectly and I didn’t want to put my son in danger. You just got a dose of momma bear coming out, I am so sorry! I hate how the modern age with all it’s texting and messaging gets stuff construed sometimes. I thought you were being rude and I apologize for that.

  14. No no sweetie, he is absolutely fine in his seat rear-facing. Since the straps have to be below the shoulders, he is fine until he outgrows it by the height and weight limit. Forward-facing he is fine until 49 inches of height. The torso height doesn’t determine when it is outgrown.

  15. So basically you are saying that my child has completely outgrown the seat altogether?

  16. It is a Boulevard 70-G3! not Gs-70?

  17. But Krystal, that doesn’t mean you have to stop using the seat, it just means that’s the top harness height. :[

  18. This is what I was trying to say!

  19. Actually, no, I will say one more thing. I cannot link to it, but if you go on the Britax website, it specfically says, “Child Seated Shoulder Height (in) Rear Facing: 9 – 16.75
    Forward Facing: 12 – 16.75″

  20. Krystal, you said the Britax Boulevard Gs70 rear-faces to a torso height of 16.75, and it DOES NOT SAY THAT. The torso height of 16.75 is the same rear-facing and forward-facing, it is the slot height, it does not mean you have to stop rear-facing at 16.75. You are WRONG and that’s the last I am going to say about it.

  21. Nope I didn’t. I never said that the rules of my seat apply to all carseats. Once again, my seat says it rear faces with a torso height of 9in – 16.75 in. Says so clearly on the outside of the box!

  22. The problem is that you have stated several different things that are incorrect, and other people are going to read your comments and think they’re using their seat incorrectly, and they are not.

  23. No, no she didn’t. Her information was correct. She said you could adjust the harness by moving the headrest, which you can.

  24. The headrest has been raised as high as it can be for RR. I don’t understand at all what all the fuss is about. I’ve done nothing wrong at all.

  25. No, she gave ME incorrect and dangerous info, re-read!!! Yes he is so close to being 1″ from the top of the shell.

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