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And I know, I should be able to take the car to a car seat clinic and get it done...but I called the city and there are NONE in my area doing it. Also, St. John's Ambulance has a technician but they are an hour away. And SOMEHOW, every police station I've called in my area DOES NOT HAVE A TECH. To top this all off, this is literally THE CORRECT WAY TO INSTALL IT. I've checked both the seat user manual AND the car user manual. WHY DO I HAVE BOTH THE MOST DIFFICULT BABY SEAT AND THE MOST DIFFICULT CAR EVER. WHY IS THE BABY SEAT SO WIBBLY? AND WHERE IS ALEX SUPPOSED TO SIT!?

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  1. those things are nuts. hopefully the nurses helped you.

  2. Or install with LATCH on the outerboard seats.

  3. NOOOOOOO on the tether as well. That is only for SOME brands of convertible car seats which this car seat is not. And do not listen to the other people saying to put your car seat in the middle. It really doesn’t matter where you put it! I would install your car seat using the Seatbelt instead of LATCH because sometimes cars and car seats rule’s about borrowing LATCH (not having LATCH in the center position and connecting it to the outer seat’s LATCH anchors) can be confusing.

  4. Just so you know, those bunting bags (the thing on your carseat) did not come with your carseat and can void the warranty if anything happens. It is dangerous to use because it goes behind the baby and creates something that interferes with the straps. I would advise you to take it off ASAP for your baby’s safety

  5. Always put the car seat in the center because side impact crashed are the most common and baby will be better protected if there is more room between she/he from a car crashing into you.

  6. but if not, try you local fire department.

  7. much as possible, all while USING THE CARS CENTER SEAT BELT. With the seat belt, you will want to LOCK IT and you do this by pulling it all the way out SLOWELY. When tightening it up on the seat, pull hard on the upper part of the seat belt to get the lower part tight on the seat. The seat belt should lock the seat down. Unfortunately, only in certain countries (Switzerland) do they make vehicles that can tighten that back part of the car seat down. Doing this steps should make it better…

  8. Okay, I’m a car seat technician. First you need to adjust the recline of the seat. This will be on the base sown by where the child’s feet will be. Adjust it all the way down so you get about a 45 degree angle. Then, don’t use those lower anchors because those are only for the outboard seats, not the center (refer to your owners manual for the car). Next, have hubby get behind (where baby’s head will be) the seat and use his thighs to push the seat against the seat back (of the car) as….

  9. Can you take it by your Midwife or by the hospital close and have them install it properly for you? Our hospital will check all car seats for free and if they are installed wrong they will do it correctly for you and show you how to do it right so baby is nice & safe….but right now….thats is NOT safe at all and I would be scared to death to my son in that!

  10. Just a bit of info for ya. Those bundle me covers are not safe to put in carseats. There is a really good website that shows how to cut the bundle me so that is it is still usable but also safe. It wont let me put the address in this comment but if you google ‘are bundle me safe?’ it will show lots of websites.Hope this helps. Love watching your videos!!

  11. 1 minor thing…you have the seat hooked into the latch for the side seat belt, but the car seat is in the middle. What you were saying about Alex having to use the latch under the seat tipped me off. It would br tighter (idk if it would work) if it were in the right 1)

  12. There’s no tether and those people told u wrong if the side locks are not working u need to use the seat belt and u need to look at your car and baby seat manual to show u how to snap it in if u still can’t there are thousands of videos that can help u I looked at some really good ones just search how to install a car seat

  13. I know many people have commented now and most have said the same thing I’m going to say. I would kneel into the seat while hubby tightens it and that, the Bundle Me or whatever yours may be called is not safe for baby :o( I would buy the ones that just go over the top of the seat instead of actually in the seat. Any after market items you add or put on your babies seat will actually void the seats warranty. I’m sorry to be a Debbie Downer lol. I hope you figure out your seat :o)

  14. Did you check youtube for videos on how to install car seats? I found several for my type of car seat (thank God!) and it helped us a lot!

  15. Your cAr should have metal latches underneath the seat which can be used to install base. The base needs to be very tight.

  16. A suggestion … My friend has the exact same seat and they actually told her at the fire station to put it behind the driver , apparently that is now the safest place to put it , also she never had this problem with her seat so maybe you got a faulty seat because hers does not budge at all … Hope this helps ! Good luck !

  17. That sucks that there isn’t any tech around to help you with it. If the base isn’t working, I think you can use the car seat by itself. Also, have you checked out other youtube videos on how it supposed to be installed?

  18. Alex simply needs to staddle the car seat, push with his knee into the car seat, and pull the belts super tight. The seat will actually be inbedded in the backseat if it is pulled tight enough. It should not move at all. I personally would put the car seat behind the driver side/passenger seat so you could reach the baby with your hand if there is an emergency. If Alex can’t get the car seat done, go to the fire station and they will install it correctly for you.

  19. I was actually told in my safety seat class that the passenger’s side seat is the safest because the seat blocks the carseat in the event of an accident. I would definitely try it.

  20. You should go to a fire station they should be able to help

  21. Take it to a Fire Station or Police Station and they’ll proper install that for you. Or even Babies R Us

  22. can you put the baby seat behind you?

  23. cars change is it an old seat or older car?

  24. Had the same seat eff the latches. Use the middle seat belt. I did have it inspected

  25. Where did you get the cover for the car seat ??

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