Safe Child Car Seats Best Safety Car Seats For Your Child – 2010


Car Booster Seat Tutorial and Instruction with Safety http A booster seat positions the vehicle's safety belt properly on a child. The booster makes sure that the lap belt rests on the child's lap, over the strong hip bones -- and nowhere near the soft belly. The booster also makes sure that the shoulder belt rests between the child's shoulder and neck -- so the child is comfortable and won't put the belt behind her back or under her arm. When a child rides on a booster, he must use the vehicle's shoulder AND lap belt across them. Boosters will not work with lap-only belts. Why should kids ride in a booster? Because the vehicle seat is too big and a child's bone structure is too small and underdeveloped to keep the safety belt in the proper place during a crash. A 4-8 year old child riding in a booster is 59% less likely to be injured in a crash than a 4-8 year old wearing a safety belt alone. Are there different types of boosters? Yes, there are two different types of boosters--backless boosters, and high-backed boosters. Which one to choose depends on your vehicle, the age, height and weight of your child, and you and your child's own preferences. Backless boosters are smaller and lighter and this makes them great for travel. High-backed boosters are better for sleeping and according to one study, are more beneficial in side impacts compared to seat belts or backless boosters. Please note that combination seats are also sometimes called boosters or hybrid boosters. These seats start off as a 5-point ...

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  1. Also, airbags are designed for adult sized bodies, however it is because of bone development NOT size. A child’s bones are not ready to take the force of an airbag because they are not dense enough to withstand that force. A child’s bones would literally be crushed by the airbag.

  2. Also, overall height limits (height from head to toe) isn’t a good indicator on when a child outgrows their car seat. Manufacuturers are forced to put these height maximums because of federal standards. A front facing car seat is outgrown when ONE of the following happens:
    -child hits max weight limit
    -harness is at the child’s shoulders in top slots (harness NEEDS to be at or above shoulders when front facing)
    -tips of ears are even with the shell (for whip lash protection)

  3. Also, another thing I disagree about is that the video said that kids can stop using boosters when they are between 8-12 years of age. This is very misleading parents- most 8 year olds are NOT ready to use a seat belt alone. Seat belts BEGIN fitting people who are 4′ 9″ tall; kids may need to be taller. The average 8 year old (50th percentile) is 4′ 2″ tall. Even an 8 year old in the 97th percentile is 4′ 6″ tall. I have never seen an 8 year old who fits the adult seat belt properly.

  4. One thing I don’t like about this video is that it did not stress the importance of keeping big 40 lb 3 and 4 year olds out of boosters. The minimum requirements of using a booster seat are when ALL of the following apply:
    -at LEAST 4 years old
    -at LEAST 40 lbs
    -can sit still- which most 4 year olds cannot, which makes a booster seat unsafe

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