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Dangerous Presents Horse recovers after trailer crash in Haverhill

Why? If a Child Safety Seat Came Out of your car and smashed into the hillside what would you do? Then why do we accept a defective towing system? HAVERHILL, Mass. -- Police and veterinarians responded to an accident on I-495 in Haverhill in which the victim was a horse. The horse, named Hunter, was in a trailer. It somehow became unhooked and crashed. The horse's owner said they hit bumps in the road on I-495 and the next thing she knew the trailer was unhooked and careened across the highway. "I looked out the back window and I was watching the trailer," said Kelly Adams, Hunter's owner. "We felt so helpless. My first instinct was I wanted to jump out of the truck and run after the trailer and stop it." Hunter, who weighs about 1200 pounds, made rescuing him quite the ordeal. "So every time he thrashed he would bang his head against the tailgate and then his feet were flying in the back," said Roger Lauze, of the MSPCA. "So we had to be very careful when we entered the trailer." Hunter was placed on a horse stretcher and sedated and made it through the accident well. However, he'll need special attention during his recovery. "He's got some abrasions; he's skinned up on the knee there. You can see around his eye he's more swollen. It's just like a car accident that we go through. I mean it's pretty severe body trauma," said veterinarian Michael Davis. Hunter's owner is extremely grateful. "There could have been some serious, serious injuries if not death in this ...

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