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Important: Bumbo Baby Seat Recall 4 Million Infant Floor Seats Recalled

Visit: for more information. On August 15th 2012 Bumbo (a South African Company) issued a recall for over 4 Million Bumbo Baby Seats. The recall was announced after Bumbo received more than 50 complaints regarding injuries including 19 skull fractures. If you or someone you know owns a Bumbo Baby Seat please contact the manufacturer immediately to receive a FREE repair kit. The repair kit is very easy to install. An earlier Bumbo Baby Seat recall in 2007 prompted the company to print warning labels informing parents that the seat should only be placed on the floor. With the added safety belt it is still imperative that parents only use the Bumbo seat on non-elevated surfaces. The restraint belt will help stop infants from exiting, or falling from the seat when it is used as intended on the floor with adult supervision and never on raised surfaces. The health and safety of infants using the Bumbo Baby Seat are top priorities. For more information on Important (Baby Related) Product Recalls, including the Bumbo Baby Baby Seat Recall, please visit:

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  1. ~ DUH ~ DON’T put your kid on an elevated surface & not watch them!


    These parents have NO common sense & are blaming the product for thier neglect

    ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY ~ you weren’t paying attenion

    3,999,950 other people actually cared enough to pay attention & read the WARNING LABEL

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