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Infant to Convertible Car Seat Upgrade

Going from a Chicco KeyFit30 to a Combi Coccoro at 15 months old. Alice was nowhere near the weight limit but hit the height limit on the infant seat. In other news, Equifax extended their contest deadline until 10/28/12, so please keep voting! :(

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  1. Also, your post about them needing to be 25lbs to remove the infant insert got me really worried because we’ve had it out awhile even though he’s only 22lbs. I talked to some techs and one used to work there and she spoke with the engineers and it can be removed when they are smaller than 25lbs as long as they fit properly without it, at the correct angle. You might try taking it out to see if she’d be more comfy.My son fits MUCH better without and you get more height room

  2. I absolutely LOVE my Coccoro, we’ve used it from birth with my 4th baby, best car seat we’ve bought. BUT I really wouldn’t buy it for a toddler. It’s going to be outgrown very quickly. We rear face until a minimum of youngest is 18mo now and coming up on the height limit of the CCO even though he’s very small, under 15th% for height. I’d really recommend getting a bigger convertible to keep her RF longer :)

  3. I’m always baffled by haters of the bucket who say that it’s too heavy. Then leave it in the car, duh. Take your baby in and out of the seat as if it were a convertible. The bonus to doing this is that when your baby is sleeping, you won’t care how heavy it is you want them to stay asleep at all costs. Our bucket stays in the car full time unless we bring her in asleep in it.

  4. we absolutely love the combi coccoro, cause of the light weight, size and portability. cant wait to order one in orange.

  5. How funny! I really wanted Cherry Pie! That was my first pick but my husband wanted a change so we got Carrot Cake. :)

  6. ohh, this is exactly what we did. had the red chicco keyfit then switched to the cherry pie coccoro. absolutely love how light it is! and it fits great in our tiny civic.

  7. Not all kids are built the same. It seems Alice is long and lean and those are certain things every parent must consider when purchasing a car seat. If this carseat works for you and you are confident in your decision, then you made the right choice. Good for you for getting it to be so steady in the middle of the back seat. I tried that and could never get Sam’s carseat secure enough. Moved him behind the passenger seat even though the “experts” say that’s not safe. He’s still alive :)

  8. Holy, my son was out of a capsule at 4m.

  9. You should spell “Shico” means “little boy”. Just like spanish (but italian) . Great car seat!

  10. So would you recommend getting one of those huge carseats that can be used from infancy up to like 100+ lbs? Like the Radian RXT?  Im wondering if we should even bother getting and infant carseat only to buy another one down the road…

  11. Hey Kaity- I was just hopping over to the Equifax contest today to put in my vote & I think you should do another video on it :) Some people may have forgotten they could vote every day and since they extended the deadline I think it would help. I really want you guys to get that $1,000!!! So i’m ‘viewer requesting’ another video about it from you :)

  12. Did not know that the contest was prolonged,I will start voting again:)

  13. We were talking about the infant insert in the COMBI seat, which is used until 25 lbs. The Chicco seat’s newborn insert was taken out long ago.

  14. The insert should not be used once the child weighs more than 11 pounds per the Chicco manual. On a side note I love the new seat.

  15. No, you pretty much got the right idea, I just wonder with out lifestyle how often this would be a problem, or how often I may choose try moving baby anyways. I do plan to baby wear a lot. It’s hard to know before the fact with #1.  I appreciate hearing all different real life perspectives!

  16. We never used our infant seat out of the car (we baby wear or just put him directly in to our stroller- the city mini- with it fully reclined as a newborn) and switched to a convertible at 4.5 months because we hated the buckle mechanism on our infant seat. We will be going straight to a convertible next time!

  17. Does your vehicle owners manual actually say you can attach the top tether to your car? Typically, in North America, that is not recommended because our cars don’t have anchorage systems for the top tether when rear-facing.

  18. Pardon me if I intrude…The way you are planning to go is indeed a slightly cheaper alternative but having the bucket version is also very practical during the times when your infant is asleep (Which is very often in the first few months) and you need to transfer him from the stroller to your car and vice versa….If I misunderstood, please disregard…=)

  19. I have the Chicco travel system and love it too. That Infant seat is the most seemingly comfortable I was able to find …Lots of padding and great All terrain stroller =)

  20. We have the red one and we love this car seat! We switched to it when my son was about 10 months old. He is about to turn 2 now and he is still in it and loving it! We’ve recently switched it to forward facing. It works great both ways. We like how light it is and easy to move around and reinstall whenever needed. He has always been so comfortable in it! Great choice!! :D

  21. Alice looks so content in her new car seat!! (:

  22. that new seat looks super comfy! weve got violet a new carseat.. we chose a maxi cosi

  23. Great video! I’m actually considering skipping the infant bucket seat altogether for our bebe because I HATE how heavy and bulky they get. This convertible looks very comfy! 

  24. .. And looking for a better, long lasting, car seat that will fit her better over the years. Just my 2 cents. I know what this car seat is like and kids grow out of this car seat fairly quickly.

  25. The height limit for the Coccoro is 36 inches Rearfacing and the height limit for forward facing is less than 40 inches. I don’t mean to be rude but Alice is going to grow out of it super fast and you’re going to need a new one again soon. Why didn’t you look at the seats with higher height and weight limits so they would fit her longer? The Diono radian RXT is an awesome seat with a super tall shell, and rear faces to 45lbs. The Britax Marathon is also awesome. I would suggest selling this one.

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