Safe Child Car Seats Best Safety Car Seats For Your Child – 2010


Sit ‘n Stroll™ the car seat that transforms into a stroller in seconds

• The 5-n-1 Sit N Stroll meets or exceeds all requirements of FMV SS213 which governs Child Passenger Restraint systems in the USA. • The Sit N Stroll is a Rear Facing Carseat from 5-30 pounds. • The Sit N Stroll is a Forward Facing Carseat from 20-40 pounds, or when a child can sit forward facing upright unassisted. • The Sit N Stroll is an FAA Certified Flight Seat and therefore is approved for use on an aircraft as a child safety seat. • The Sit N Stroll is also used as a Dining Booster Chair for a child at the dinner table. • The Sit N Stroll also transforms into a Full Function Stroller with a simple push of a lever. • The Sit N Stroll comes with a complete Latch System • The Sit N Stroll comes with the finest 5 Point Harness available. • As a stroller the wheels are fully retractable and shielded from the car seat. • As a stroller there are three positions of the height handle for ease of use for any size person.

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