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Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller Review

I bought this stroller for our baby on the way! Here is what I love about it! :) **This is NOT a sponsored video. I simply did this video, because I'm seriou...

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  1. Hey Natalie! do you recommend this stroller to someone who uses bus a lot for transportation? it looks a little bulky to me. thanks!

  2. @RNification. Yes you can buy the travel system, it has everything. I bought mine in the pattern Antiquity, its beautiful. It was about 400 dollars on Babys R Us website. Worth every penny. My mother in law wanted me to get a Peg Perego wich was 600 and didn’t have the car seat. I love it.

  3. Hi. So just to be clear, it comes with the stroller frame, toddler seat (demonstrated in this video), AND the infant carrier/car seat? Thanks in advance.

  4. Does the Graco Rittenhouse car seat work with this? Just wondering if you have tried it yet…

  5. Oh check babys r

  6. Hi I have this same stroller in Antiquity. My brother bought me the travel system, it includes the car seat, it was about 400 dollars total. I didn’t even know you could buy it separately. Mine is all black with a little red piping and a beautiful pattern only on the inside of the stroller. You can definetly get an all black car seat, my matching one is. Were you able to find it?

  7. I am considering buying this stroller for my daughter who is out growing her click N go frame, can you still access the basket if the seat is facing you? and how big are the cupholders? Because I have seen a lot of cupholders that come with strollers that are pretty small.

  8. This looks like my dream stroller, but is it heavy? ‘Cause I am petite and I drive everywhere so I’d love to have an easy fold and lightweight stroller. Thank you!

  9. Go to

  10. I live in Canada and when I go to the Babies R Us website for Canada (and even the US) I don’t see that it’s for sale yet until August 30, 2013. I’m due a couple days after that date and want this stroller. For those of you who purchased it, where?! Mind you, I have to buy in Canada due to different car seat regulations.

  11. hey how are you? i love your review, this sames to be a nice stroller am 5 months pregnant with my first baby i live in the Bahamas where can i order it i cant find it at Walmart or amazon

  12. @kalelittle we are getting the click connect in rittenhouse. We found it on amazon and some babies r us stores carry it. But it’s black and really cute!!

  13. What car seat did you end up buying for this? We registered for this stroller because I wanted it in all black and didn’t like the patterns that came with the complete travel system. I am wondering if any of the “click connect” infant carriers will connect into the frame or if it is just the ones that come with the complete system. Thanks.

  14. What carseat did you end up getting to work with this? My baby isn’t here yet either, but I bought the jogger travel system; however I looove this style.

  15. Great review, you answered all of my questions!

  16. I’m so sad that this didn’t come out like a few months earlier when I bout my travel system :(

  17. Natalie thanks for the video!!!! U made me change my opinion about Graco :) I looked up LOTS of cheap and expensive strollers, but this one seems to do All in one :)
    I have a question about the wheels. Are they the same old style plastic wheels, or they improved them somehow?

  18. Pervert!

  19. Why would I ask a “tall beautiful girl” dumbass? What am I not beautiful b/c I’m short! You are talking out of your ass and I don’t appreciate that!

  20. just go and visit babies r us. feel it yourself than ask a tall beautiful girl.

  21. I only saw this entire video just to hear you! you are so amazing girl and yea hot too!

  22. The moonstruck car seat is gender neutral

  23. Awesome review, it made me try this stroller out and I ended up buying the travel set in francesca. I love it! It’s so super light that I can pick it up one handed and it is a great height for the hubby to push(he’s 5’10”) and me (4’11”) Thanks for the info :)

  24. Hi..i need a stroller like this cuz i go out a lot to the mall or places that keep me there for long time and my daughter falls asleep…and i hate to see her uncomfortable in her stroller with her feet hanging…so this looks almost perfect,but i don’t have a car,so im wondering if its too havy to take it in the bus ?

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