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Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System Stroller (Francesca) REVIEW

Hi Everyone! I hope you find this stroller review helpful and informative. I tried to do a thorough job to show you everything there is to know about this be...

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  1. im considering buying this stroller I just have a question for the seat
    inclination, does it sit completely upright? my toddler likes to sit
    straight not with a recline which makes it uncomfortable.. thx

  2. +Ken resendez The 3 things the stroller does is a travel system with the
    carrier and stroller together, just carrier and frame, and then an
    infant/toddler stroller which can face towards you or away from you. I’m
    thinking that the one you picked up from a yard sale can’t be the same b/c
    they didn’t make these that long ago to actually have a used one unless the
    person didn’t like it. This stroller system is quite new. If you did then
    you are lucky b/c this stroller is near $400 new. If you look at the video
    you can see all the ways to use it.

  3. Hi awesome review! !!! Can you tell me how wide the seat is and how tall
    the seat back is :) for a taller child 

  4. Thank you so much for this video. I’m a new mom with a Click connect
    stroller and you showed me so much about this stroller. I was getting
    aggravated trying to figure it out :) 

  5. Wonderful Video young lady. My wife and I are now baby sitting our grand
    kids and found a Graco 3 in 1 at a yard sale that is very nice. but it has
    been over 30 years since we had little ones around and this stroller did
    not came with instrostions, but your video showed us how to use it. Just
    one last thing,if its a 3 in 1. atfter the car seat, what is the 3 thing it
    Thank you

  6. I loved your review . Very helpful and detailed . Thanks momma!!

  7. Does this all come together?

  8. LOVE IT! :)

  9. FYI: i have a small car so im interested in this for spacial constraint
    issues– when folded as just the frame portion (Carseat/seat removed) its
    only 32in tall! I haven’t seen anything smaller…of course everything has
    to come out, but for what I need it trunk is deep but narrow…so
    i’m already in love!

  10. I`m in love with this stroller…but my only concern is about tires..are
    they plastic?And isn`t it a problem especially if you use it on pavement
    streets?I`m from europe and the stroller will be a gift from a friend..but
    the tires…are they ok?Share some info please :)

  11. Thank you for this review! I was almost sold on the Britax BAgile but saw
    this stroller and had to review closer. You just made my decision process
    easy as this stroller has all the things I wanted: front and rear facing,
    infant only mode (with the base) all the trays and foot rest included, and
    the car base. And the price is so good, like a 1,000$ stroller but 60% of
    the price! Cheers!

  12. I fell in love with this stroller since I saw it online. But i have a
    question are you able to fold the stroller without the seat on? Just the
    “frame” itself? 

  13. How do you recline the seat? I’ve had a problem with mine not reclining and
    can’t figure out how to do it. 

  14. I have a cuestion whats the full name of the stroller cuz I went to babies
    rus and I found alot of strollers called click connect travel system :| ¿?

  15. Thank you for this amazing review! I had been looking at a couple travel
    systems and this helped me decide! Going to pick it up today and have it
    ready for my little girl that will be mounting us very soon :-) I hope
    things are going great with your baby!

  16. LOVE IT! :)

  17. I fell in love with this stroller since I saw it online. But i have a
    question are you able to fold the stroller without the seat on? Just the
    “frame” itself? 

  18. You can dismantle the stroller by having it in a few pieces such as the
    frame, carrier, base and seating part but this stroller is very large. I
    think it would probably fit in the trunk but with nothing else in there and
    definitely in a few pieces. You cannot fit everything into the trunk. You
    will have to put the base and carrier into the backseat of the car.

  19. Can you fold it if its just the frame with no seat on it?

  20. I can’t comment on how the carrier fits into the Chicco stroller b/c I
    didn’t try that but I really don’t think the baby has to be lying flat if
    the baby is in a carrier. The carrier is curved and the baby cannot lie
    flat no matter what incline or recline the carrier is in. Putting the baby
    in the seating area flat is a different story. You have your choice to do
    that if you wish instead of leaving the baby in the carrier. I really don’t
    know why a baby should lie flat in a carrier anyway?!?

  21. I do have problems connecting the carrier to the frame but I think it’s b/c
    I’m not sure where it is supposed to connect into. I’m sure I’ll get the
    hang of it once I figure it out when the baby comes and I’m using it all
    the time.

  22. Do u have to buy the third mode (toddler) separate?

  23. thanks for the review. from a review on babysrus for this product “Prefer
    to use fully reclined seat for him to sleep on his back… My only concern
    is while you install the car seat on a frame, the baby is seating in it,
    not lying, i wish the position after installing it on the frame would be
    adjustable – like in car seat base As you can see that in most of Chicco
    strollers – the small babies in car seat on the stroller frame are more in
    laying position instead of seating.” do you feel the same

  24. Yes, the frame folds without anything in it. And of course it’s slimmer
    when it’s just the frame.

  25. I had this stroller for 3 months and is sooo pretty BUT is soooo bulky and
    kinda heavy. I just wish I could have gotten a lighter stroller and also is
    kind of difficult to unfold.

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