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  1. By the way, it’s only 2 colors available : pink lines or ruby diamonds, kinda girly too. No other options for car seat:(( We having girl, so we didn’t care

  2. I bought mine today, it was only 1 available 40 miles around, and I’m talking about DC area!! We had to go all the way to Chantilly, VA to pick up this stroller! They have it in all stores, but they don’t sell floor model:(((( I was waiting 2 months to catch one, very happy!

  3. I’ve had this stroller for about 2 months. its the easiest stroller to push even fully loaded. have no issues or problems so far……what a great stroller highly recommend


  5. It been out since febuary of this year good stroller

  6. Why didn’t this come out when I was doing my registry??? uhhh…..

  7. Has anyone had and used this for any legit period of time? Considering buying one and reviews are few and far between.

  8. just bought this at babies r us i cant believe they hadd it.. i was sooooo excited. I went there thinking id be settling for the britax or something and nope … wayyy on the top shelf there it was haha im soooo excited to put it together

  9. Just got mine in franchesca on friday… can’t wait to take it out of the box..

  10. Does it have a telescopic handle? Does the sunshield move forward?

  11. Yea nd thats the only place selling it.. lol.. its on sale for 297.00 but only for today which really pisses me off…

  12. ya it is stupid. …but i will keep checking i am not due until july 4 so hopefully by than it will come to the babies r us here in canada

  13. I am 34 weeks pregnant and love this new collection (Antiquity) ,its perfect for a boy but the prices are insane at babiesrus

  14. Wow that sounds soooo stupid… :/… maybe they will have it in a couple of weeks…keep checking… Im not buying mine till the end of march….

  15. I tried to buy it online since they do offer shipping internationally but for some reason they don’t offer shipping to canada on this stroller but they do for the graco modes in onyx but it does not have a matching car seat :(

  16. r u aloud to have it shipped to canada??… 

  17. I loveeeee this stroller i am 18 weeks pregnant i really want this stroller for my new baby:) does anyone know if it will be coming to babies r us in canada? i am only seeing it online in the states:(

  18. I really cant stop watching this review.. ahhhh i need it!

  19. Im getting this for my daughter.. Im due in may

  20. I love this stroller but it looks big on me being a petite woman:( but Ii still love it regardless

  21. I LOVE this stroller but hate that I can’t find a matching all black infant seat.

  22. this one is called antiquity and the other color they have is franchesca. i put it on my registry.

  23. Does this stroller come with the carseat when purchased from BabiesRUs?

  24. You can get it at babies r us, they currently have a 20% off online, or 25% off with the trade in event.

  25. I love the stroller &would like to purchase it is the carseat included if so where do you purchase it from

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