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Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe TSB – Kiddicare

See this now on - We won't be beaten on price. This award winning 3-in-1 travel system is the most luxurious in the ...

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  1. hi i will look for the instructions if your still need you know how to remove the seat cover because I want to wash it.

  2. Lovely but I preffer the City Select by Baby Jogger

  3. i had my Graco Quattro tour delxue for 6 years it lasted for both my children and i have just sold it on as it was still in perfect condition, i bought the tour duo when i had 2 small children loved that too and again sold that on as it was perfect. If i ever have another child i will be going Graco again.

  4. Ive had this pram for about 18 months and it’s been brill. The thing is, my back wheel has just fell off and I can’t remember how to put it back on with the fiddly metal bits. Has anyone got the instruction manual who can help me out ?

  5. I’ve been sold!!!!

  6. I could be wrong but I think its butterscotch which is now retired

  7. LOVE IT!!!!!

  8. como ase para poder ver por lo de adrento

  9. I just got the Quattro Illusion Tour Illusion travel system today its gr8 :) xx

  10. i have used graco pushairs for all my kids love them

  11. Wow, it’s a nice Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe TSB design. This kind of stollers are really the best choice for our children. It has the coolest features like visors could protect your baby’s whole body from sunlight or rain and a durable car seat too! Thanks for demonstrating on this video. It’s really much appreciated!

  12. I have this stroller and if your not walking or in the car your helpless… Very big stroller… Not a stroller for transit… But fairly good easy close to open and strong… The basket is limited weight or it will pop down and brake your brakes making it hard to lock the stroller… I like that it sits very far up and lays very far down… Hope this helps you…

  13. Haha can you send me one? I’d love one of those! JK you dont have to.

  14. Does anyone know the fabric name on the model shown?

  15. Does anyone know the fabric name for this system?

  16. I have 2 kids and gave birth to my 2nd two days ago. I had this pram for both of them. It has been great. My new born now is smaller than most newborns as premature but still fits nicely into the carseat.
    I am very pleased with it :)

  17. i have never seen that little thing in the beginning of the video. looks amazing and very useful. very very nice invention

  18. yo tengo uno, y es excelente, en mi BMW M6 encaja muy bien,mi bebita lo pasa de maravillas, los recomiendo…buen coche,fuerte y seguro..

  19. Folded: (L)40 x (W)50 x (H)87 wheels.

  20. its a nice about the folding dimensios

  21. i have just fell in love :) :D

  22. i found 1 in town brand new tried taking it to argos and they wouldnt look after it so i took it home just w8ghting 4 the owner to turn up lol

  23. fuck that shit! why the fuck doesn’t the U.S have all the accessories that this comes with?! fuck the united kingdom!
    down with the queen

  24. I just bought the latest one for my soon to arrive. Great features but no tempurature guage.

  25. i sooo want this pram it is fab i every single way and the price is great value when i first saw this pram i thought it was priced at about £500 but was soooo amazed at it only being £259 i thought i had to have it so i am buying it very shortly

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