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How to make a travel system for your reborn :)

How to make a travel system for your reborn made out of: a stroller (i used a maclaren) a carseat (i used a maxi-cosi cabriofix) a blanket that will cover your sroller and carseat when its on the stroller

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  1. I see a castle in the back ground

  2. @Rebornprincess98 I know I just want a cheap one:)

  3. @RebornRocks2940 Is that where you got yours?

  4. they are for real babys they are not going to be 19 bucks

  5. Thx:)

  6. preloved, gumtree xx

  7. Hi does anyone know were I can buy a cheap carseat ( anywhere besides eBay)

  8. When I take my reborn places I stuff him in my underwear pouch so he feels close to my womb where he once thrived

  9. no

  10. its a church 

  11. What’s the tower in the background ? Cool

  12. does it work with a doll carseat?
    cool vid xx

  13. ok thanks xxx

  14. Have a look on gumtree, it’s amazing !! I got a really good travel system for £20 !! xx

  15. that wat im gunna do i think xx

  16. I think I might just wait until Christmas ! :P xx

  17. oh lol thats what i do all the time!! xx

  18. Well that kindaa failed !!! went out yesterday and brought her loads of clothes !!! :P ahahaxx

  19. same lol x

  20. Haha I’m kindaa saving up for a stroller but it isn’t going too well at the moment :/ ahaha xx

  21. Hahaa i dont hav either”! Well the pram is kidda my mine but carseat is my lil sisters!! Xxx

  22. Haha ok !! I just have a carseat for my reborn so just have to carry her in that :Pxx

  23. Ye i could do (although i don’t take her out oftern like this!) xx

  24. Try just laying the seat of the stroller flat then putting the carseat on top ?

  25. No problem!! Any more requests I will be more than happy to do!! I found it a good Idea but my friend thought it was really bad but it looks great and every1 thinks its real aswell when you go out xxxx

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