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Keyfit 30 Chicco Cortina Travel System Review

I spent a lot of reading choosing this travel system. The factors I wise most when purchase were safety, relieve, and permanence. When sensing at several other strollers/carseats in stores a lot of them change awkward for human (not overmuch padding) and did not think really long, but the Chicco ones mat outgo in character to me. This carseat was also rated really screechy for device which was extremely primal for me. I chose the Hazelwood decorate for my girl female because I craved something sexuality neutralized for proximo use. I wished the Hazelwood colorize

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  1. Thank you sooo much for this video! M husband and I are first-timeparents and we just received the travel system as a present from family members. I wish we had watched this video before trying to figure out how to open and fold the stroller. It really is easy to use!

  2. I was soo happy to find this video. I bought this travel system from a friend for my firstborn, and my mother and I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to fold it before we watched this video!

  3. I just bought one of this today and I think it was the best option out there! Thanks for your video!

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