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MY KID’S RIDE – Britax B-Agile Travel System Review

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  1. MY KIDS RIDE #thugOllie @Britax stroller review. RT to spread the cuteness
    that is #babyOllie

  2. I have this same stroller. Its lightweight so its not meant to have lots of
    storage and folding and unfolding is very easy to me. And its only 16.5lbs!
    How do you think thats heavy!?

  3. Hi Missy! Love your videos. Just found them and I’m slowly watching
    backwards through them. Is this the stroller that was recalled? My boss has
    what looks like the same one and said she is being sent a kit to make if
    safe for your fingers. Just wondering if you had an update.

  4. In Australia, we have the Agile Plus by Britax. I have one, and you
    actually press the button first, then pull the middle handle up. :) I can
    see how you think this isn’t an easy way of collapsing your stroller, it
    looks a bit ‘fiddly’! :)

  5. Lol this is one of the most greatest vids I have ever seen YOUR SUCH AN

  6. I just got a graco car seat iT uses the back of THE Seat for car and

  7. I have a Love N Care Capella Cony. I love it, but I wish it had a bigger
    storage compartment. I can assemble and disassemble it with one hand. I
    also wish that it (or I) had a travel system.

  8. I have a Graco Alano Classic Connect ™ Travel System in “Roman”. I love it!
    It’s a super smooth ride, easily folds and unfolds with one hand, the car
    seat clicks into stroller and base very easily. Has a cup holder tray for
    me, the handle is the perfect height so I’m not slouching or kicking the
    back wheels, and the storage under is fairly deep and the “Roman” design is
    cute and classy grey and green plaid design. It was also very affordable.
    Two thumbs up!!

  9. He’s Hungry!

  10. How is pressing a button not convenient?! Try unfolding one
    yourself………. LOL

  11. Missy, When you had Oliver I was so scared for you, the possibility of it
    happening to me. But watching you come through yours like you did it gave
    me the confidence I needed to get through my own. He inhaled meconium and
    was whisked off to the NICU where I didn’t see him for two days due to my
    fever. We’re home now and Im trying to catch up on everything. But you
    truly inspired me, I thought about you while missing my baby. Thanks for
    being there for all of us. I truly feel grateful!

  12. Gracious is my favorite brand of stroller or travel system!

  13. I tried looking for the stroller that I was talking about nd couldnt find
    it:-( I bought my stroller from my local baby store… sorry:-)

  14. Loved the video Missy, you have a great sense of humor :’)

  15. We have the Graco Spree Travel System, in Ashford! This was the one we
    picked, and my grandparents got it off the registry for my shower. I
    absolutely LOVED this system, and I folded, and unfolded it one handed,
    many many times! It has a nice large basket as well, and the back pushes
    down for easy access to it. I highly recommend this travel system. Since, I
    am not allowed to post the link to you…ours was from Walmart, just search
    “Graco Spree Travel System Ashford.” if you want to see it.

  16. When you put the stroller away if you press the button before pulling it up
    to fold is the correct way to do it and much easier.

  17. Great tried it seems easier than Greco though

  18. I have that stroller too. When closing the stroller, I don’t press that
    button. I just hold the strap and give it a quick tug. Opening the
    stroller, however, is challenging to me. :)

  19. Great review. I wouldn’t order it just because of the side locks to remove
    the car seat. How inconvenient! The babytrend has a one handed release
    which I loved. Although the basket on the babytrend was small than the one
    you showed so you might not like it lol.

  20. I think you did a very good job on it. I think that the folding and
    unfolding looked pretty easy, but then again I don’t own it and wouldnt
    know unless I did it. The stroller I have for my son, I believe has a
    bigger storage under it than yours does, it did look like of shallow. Good
    Job on the review Missy, you can’t please everyone.

  21. I have the same stroller and love it as we don’t use the car seat anymore.

  22. Why r ppl being so rude. Eff off

  23. I gave this video a thumbs out just because of how “thug” Oliver looked (x

  24. MISSY! PLEASE ANSWER!!! I’m having my baby in Feb and I want to know how u
    like or dislike having the changing table and crib in 1? is the changing
    surface too small for ollie now or do u see it becoming too small too soon?

  25. That’s not true! Missy comments on stuff all the time, she comments on
    their daily videos too. i got one today with congratulations on my little
    boy. Missy and Brian are honestly so kind and loving and funny.

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