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My new travel system!!

I am so happy with it! it's awesome and super cute! :)

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  1. I’m not sure what brand but they are the little silver round ones I have a video of making magnetic pacis so you could check that out :)

  2. Yea.. I went to walmart today like now.. & looked for magnets & found nothing good.. what are your magnets company; are they strong?

  3. The silver ones I get them from michael’s craft store cause my walmart didnt have them

  4. erg. D; & which magnets do you use for your paci’s? From walmart or something? I used mine from Dollarama (i was there buying her a spray bottle..) and they deadd suck. :3

  5. yea I have a couple that have 3/4 limbs and no i dont lol i put pants or something on them :p

  6. Arghhhh, Thats why you let her just wear onesies.. my reborn has 3/4 legs.. :3 Do any of yur reborns have 3/4 legs, & still wear onesies? ‘3

  7. The one in the video did :)

  8. Does your reborn have full legs? (:

  9. Well it would be used but I think hers was pretty good :) and yea walmart has pretty cheap stuff lol Yes I like onsies way better than sleepers idk why lol sometimes i will find a cute sleeper i like but majority of times Ill pick onsies over sleepers lol

  10. Like a good car seat too? :3 Luckky.. but yea, i’d guess.. in resale stores in Canada it’d be about 10 dollars + more than what you can get, because I checked out the american walmart… and there’ss like good carseats for like $50.. Cheapest one heree is like 94. D; & I’mma just hope to find, some more.. resale baby stores, & hopefully find a cheap carseat. & totally off topic question, but, do you as Pajama’s at night put your reborn in a onesie instead of … a sleeper? ;D

  11. I’m not sure about canadian stores because I live in America but at resale stores you can get them for like 20$!! If you are looking for cheap you should try going to garage sales my friend got a car seat for 3$!!!

  12. realllyyy? Like how much? ;D I’d preferably like to get a travel system like yours but I can’t do thaat many chores -____- LMAO. ;D like from which candian stores you think? I’m okay to JUST get a carseat! & how much is a little cheap? how much specifically you thinkk?

  13. I actually just use super glue because you can’t see it at all and the clear silicone I got turned white. For the car seat you can find them really cheap at baby resale shops or like goodwill store those are like super cheap. :)

  14. Ah. I didn’t buy clear silicone, I bought the white one.. do they work the same? :3 & are you from US or Canada? Where (other than like Walmart.. & such) where can you buy just the carseat for like under $90 ($100 max.) in store? :D

  15. I usually let them dry overnight to be on the safe side :)

  16. Stunning 9: When you seal your bottles,how long does it take for the nipple to dryy?

  17. 140 and walmart :)

  18. How much did you pay for it & where’d you get itt? (;

  19. My name is Kylie lol

  20. Thank you and I paid for it myself

  21. ???omg Your baby is so cute!!!!!!! how you went about it and who paid for it

  22. Yesterday

  23. I ordered that tester day

  24. Thank you :) and thats cool! :)

  25. Omg! It’s SO cute! I’ve recently been dying for a travel system :P
    and, I have that onesie! (:

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