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My Urbini Omni 3 in 1 travel system

Im not being paid to show this travel system..i bought it with my own money. Im so in love with this stroller! I love the color and it was so easy to put tog...

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  1. If I didn’t need a double stroller I would get this! 

  2. You made it look so easy. I know it would be a whole nother story for me

  3. I will be getting this one for my next baby I love how modern in looks :)
    awe I can’t wait to have another just for this stroller lol xpxoxox 

  4. Love the stroller. 

  5. Hello! I’m am 24 weeks and looking into buying this stroller, quick
    question , is the car seat base for the car too? Just wondering because I
    wasn’t sure if I had to buy another base for just the car. (First time
    mommy!) lol 

  6. I want this stroller!!!! But need my own baby first LOL 

  7. Would u mind telling me how to fold it?

  8. I been looking every where for this stroller and it’s always sold out
    online and I seen it in the Walmart near me but it was just a display. What
    areas should I check?

  9. I fell in love with this stroller the first time I saw it on the walmart
    website but my only concern was that there was no real reviews yet so I
    wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this video because now I’ll definitely
    be buying this stroller without hesitation, in black because I’m having a

  10. Great review! Just what I was looking for. I got mine today and can’t
    wait to use it. August just seems so far away. Thanks!

  11. thanks for the vid!

  12. It’s beautiful mama! We have something similar Quinny Buzz stroller. I hate
    the small basket on mine. You can buy an attachable cup holder :-)

  13. your video was sooo helpful! i always thought this stroller looked nice and
    loved the basinet part. now that im havin a little girl i want it so bad
    but its sold out everywhere. hopefully it will come back in stock soon. you
    said your due in 4more months which means aug and so am I ! how cool

  14. hey Jamie,how much is it?

  15. Is the stroller lightweight?

  16. Thanks I’ll do that 

  17. Your video was much more helpful then the others,&just ordered mine
    already,even though my baby is due Aug&noticed that they keep going out of
    stock online,thanks for sharing:)

  18. love your video! i fell in love w this stroller at walmart and i love your
    demonstration, i dont know what im having yet but im def getting this
    stroller! :)

  19. I love the review! Ive been thinking about getting one :)

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