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Pre-Review On Our Baby Stroller: July 30, 2012

Hey guys, this is a pre review on our stroller for our baby. This stroller is called the Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System Stroller (in the color pink,...

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  1. i have a full review filmed I just havent had time to upload it yet but it will be up soon! :D

  2. What do you think about this stroller after your baby is here? I’m looking at this stroller too. I’m very active and into jogging and running.

  3. I have the same travel system but for a boy its great only con about it is if your babygirl grows like my son did she will be too tall for the carseat by 9 months because it is more of a sit up style then most of the regular carseats are and and it is more narrow too but it is very cute c:

  4. Great Video! What does the large red button in the middle of the handle do? Thanks!

  5. The color title I guess you could say is Nikki. I looked it up on amazon and it looks identical so I’m assuming this is the Nikki pattern. You can look it up on amazon for your own opinion.

  6. Thank you I just went to toys r us because where I live we have no babys r us or really any baby store but they had one super xcited to buy one thank u fo da review!! ^_^

  7. I know that the Windsor collection one is well over $200. Mine was over $300, for car seat, base, and stroller. It depends how much you want to invest in your stroller and what kind of stroller. You should really search for the one that fits your life style and what will be easier for you to use. This particular stroller you can find at Babies R Us. You can also find strollers at Walmart, Baby boutiques, BuyBuyBaby, Target, and Burlington Coat Factory.

  8. Wat was da price fo both? An where can I find one!! ^_^ I’m xcited to start buyin things!! <3

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