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Reborn Baby Haul- we got a travel system!

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  1. Can i have it

  2. I am confused. Is this the new wave thing, the new generation of a baby?
    Instead of adoptions, surrogate or getting pregnant this is the new
    generations thing? I have collected porcelains show dolls, and others. I
    just recently purchased two toddler reborn s however I have NO intentions
    to take them out in public in a stroller. I have taken them to the Nursing
    home to show the elder ladies. I had one child 34 years ago and dolls can’t
    come up to a real baby. I think you have a wonderful doll and such but I
    guess I can’t grasp the realism out of it. A small child I can see playing
    with dolls. Adults yes perhaps collecting them and putting them on show.
    You couldn’t pay me enough to take a reborn to store, walking in a stroller
    having a nursery for it. Maybe it is me I am old 55 and perhaps this the
    way to have a baby? Have nice outings and may God Bless you!

  3. I personally wouldn’t use the cosco brand on a real baby, but for a reborn
    it works. heavenly looks super cute all curled up.

  4. Where did you get the stroller a t

  5. I honestly don’t like costco so I have a graco but heavenly looks so cute
    in it x

  6. I love the stroller

  7. Adorable!!

  8. I have that for my nine monta old baby and my two year old boy

  9. y is that baby not moving?

  10. Can i have the old one carseat plz

  11. at 2:40 i hear what are you doing -.- which freaked me out.

  12. How MuchWas That Travel System?Because ive Been Looking Did One But They
    Are Kinda Exspensive



  15. your reborns are so cute

  16. I have one for my reborn and I got mine for 129 dollars

  17. i bought this for my newborn son and loved it dont remember the exact price
    but i know its over $100 but under $130 if tht helps bought off walmart i
    believe they still have it available


  19. WWOOWW!!! Bonito!!!

  20. Or stooler

  21. Hevlnly is so cute

  22. And how much does this stroller?

  23. really tattoe you should really take them off

  24. hey guys i want to ask u if you would please check out my Reborn draw my
    life i dont have any subscribers :( please it would mean the world to me :)
    More videos coming soon 

  25. You’re welcome :D Can’t wait to see more videos from your family!

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