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Redpower 2 “Fast Caterpillar Conveyor” – Simple and compact fast travel system! (Tutorial)

Hey guys! I don't normally do videos like this, but this was just too fun to build so i hope you enjoy this simple yet fun contraption based off Sethbling's "Fast Caterpillar Conveyor Travel 14 m/s (30mph)" Mods: Redpower 2 BuildCraft 3.x (for the architect and builder, etc.) A like would be much appreciated and let me know if you want to see more fun builds like this :) Sethbling's Video featuring vanilla minecraft version of this build: Feel free to subscribe! More minecraft coming soon to my channel!

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  1. crazy EASY!

  2. Rarity :D

  3. More like expect Direwolf20 lol
    Hint: Look down there

  4. you can put a pressure plate at the and that powers all the pistons for 1 sec and if it stuck it fixes it

  5. 6 iron per 16 rails :)

  6. does he have the vertical redstones mod?

  7. orrrr you can use insulated cables :)

  8. Well this is oblivious :-P

  9. At least mine is more compact :) Thanks for the complement :D

  10. Real men like sethbling can build it without ANY mods. So, you suck.

  11. true, but you still need to put into account the powered rails, plus you can use this to move mobs and this moves faster

  12. 16 Blocks= 16 Rails = 6 Iron +5 for the Minecart = 11 Iron
    16 Blocks= 16 Pistons = 16 Iron

  13. direwolf=swarm

  14. You get 16 rail from 6 iron, so it’s .375 iron per rail. The gold is a point though. Also, this is faster, though the versions that work in vanilla may not be. Technically, you could combine pistons and rail to avoid having to use powered rail, but it might not be particularly fast or energy efficient. Rail also has the advantage of moving cargo and mob easily, and has mature solutions for branching, climbing and so forth. These are more specialized, but have definite possibilities.

  15. 0 dislikes =D

  16. Fast

  17. RARITY!


  18. I like Odedex version a lot more. But its a nice caterpillar!. (Btw, Direwolf20 brought me here)

  19. nice 

  20. just cus direwolf liked it xD

  21. but that costs gold and lots of iron, only 1 iron per piston :)

  22. a mine cart would be better

  23. ah, good catch, thank you ^^ i will continue testing :)

  24. if you look at 5:49 , the builder reference line isn’t at 45 degrees.

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