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TARDIS Time/Space Travel System [Real Minecraft TARDIS] [DWCM]

iKingsSGC Forums Thread: Today we will be show...

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  1. Today we will be showing an update of how you travel through time and space
    through the use of the TARDIS, the World Selection GUI, the Time vortex and
    the materialization systems.
    iKingsSGC Forums Link:

  2. The Time Vortex is not actually an animation, it is a fully interactive
    system in the mod, it is not a video it is actually game content that you
    can control

  3. When’s the mod out it looks so awesome

  4. AMAZING!!! I am trying to learn coding right now so I can try to help on

  5. I can’t wait tell this is out! Would it be ok if I made an Lp of it when it
    comes out?

  6. So I’m guessing that some of the new bugs are the tardis refusing to render
    in the vortex sometimes and not spinning in it?

  7. u should make minecraft doctor who tv show on the channel with or without
    voice it would still be cool 

  8. I can’t wait till tjis mod is out or atleast available for beta testing. I

  9. This and the Animated Player mod would make a good machinima

  10. autolike ;)

  11. When will the approximate release of the full mod be? I’m really anxious to
    play this!


  13. this is possibly the most awesome, thorough, content-filled (and
    long-time-coming) mod ever. I like how you called the sun of Minecraftia
    Mojanga. Is there going to be other planets orbiting Mojanga? (also when
    the tardis travels through time it stretches out so it reminds me of a bus
    or something

  14. OMG I can wait till this is available

  15. Can you Add all the tardises ?

  16. who made the music its wonderful. is it a recreation of another song or is
    it original. im pretty sure its from dw

  17. TARDIS Time/Space Travel System [Real Minecraft TARDIS] [DWCM]

  18. I think whenever the tardis gets hit it should fly out of control and have
    broken tardis sounds if you do it enough times.

  19. This mod would be nice, if I could find the download link on the forums

  20. when do you think it will be ready for release to download

  21. Sweeet

  22. when going out this awesome mod

  23. Looking great! One question, which you’ve probably been asked before: Are
    you working on displaying the interior of the TARDIS from the outside? I
    know iChun has a “mod” which does just that, and I was wondering if you
    could achieve something similar in concept, if not in technical execution.

    Here is a video demonstrating the effect: /watch?v=bxv0BXqn9Ns

  24. oh god this is awesome. When is this mod coming out?

  25. Are you planning to add more planets to mojangia

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