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The beauty of Switzerland

Discover Switzerland by train, bus and boat! Just imagine - a country where travel by public transport is as exciting as it is relaxing. Whether you're heading for the heights, travelling from city to city or off the beaten tourist track - in Switzerland, trains, buses and boats are always ready and waiting to take you to your dream destination. With a single ticket, the Swiss Pass, you can see the most spectacular scenic splendours, enjoy unspoilt natural beauty and explore a myriad of museums. Swiss Travel System takes you on a journey through a promised land of timeless travel treasures.

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  1. I couldn’t care less about the people in Switzerland but I do love the country itself. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting it two times already and I’d really like to visit it again.

  2. Be ready to spend a fiortune, nothing is cheap here.

  3. Just back from switzerland, such a beautiful country in the world, i went hiking with my family in Zermatt and we stayed in Art Furrer , really nice place with beautiful view. Its breathtaking. I will definitely go back to Switzerland in future.

  4. truly beautiful, or should i say – heaven on earth.

  5. beautiful portrayal!!

  6. By the way i really love the music!Switzerland i m coming!!

  7. Hi i m a girl from Hong Kong and i will visit Switzerland next week.I have planned this for a long time and I choose Switzerland to be my furst destination in Europe.I have watched this nice video many times and everytime i watch it i feel its so amazing.Switzerland is such a beautiful green country and I am look forward to be there.

  8. I love Switzerland greetings from Canada :)

  9. Most beauty full country in de world
    From Sydney Australia

  10. i want to go there…..

  11. omg wt a beauty….

  12. Proud to be Swiss :)

  13. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Beautiful video!!! Greetings from Lake Maggiore, ticinus

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