Safe Child Car Seats Best Safety Car Seats For Your Child – 2010


Travel System overview *Baby Trend venture BC travel system*

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  1. did you get this on clearance at Target?

  2. very cute!!

  3. It’s really nice :-)

  4. cute

  5. lol not to be rude but just think about it???? Who would buy something that only holds 3 to 5… it is 5 to 30

  6. *** meant Buy

  7. thanks for sharing <3333

  8. Its so cute, did you say 5 to 3 lbs or 5 to 30 ?

  9. very nice, I really like those carrier/strollers. Smart invention. And it matches her playpen too! I know you aren’t sharing the delivery and I’m good with that. I totally understand. So I don’t want you to think I’m a snot over it. Some things should be kept intimate between the two/three of you. Good deal for daddy!

  10. thanks for making this video, love it!

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