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Travel System – Request

Requested video of my travel system Comment Rate Subscribe.

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  1. i like all the detail you gave

  2. you guys are awesome….If you lie in Arizona lets hang out!..

  3. lol DON’T TOY WITH ME OK, Teaghan was like “mommy when are we leaving’

  4. i am very glad you have a man to support you i can even get my boyfriend to let me buy one he thinks it makes people look immature he doesnt think having one will keep me happy long from wanting a real baby even though i cant maybe you have some advice love your video i am going to subscribe after i finish writing this

  5. this was some time ago but that little thing you put in the slot of the car seat so it is more secure. And if someone trys to take out the car seat they would have to undo that thing. lol

  6. awwwww good reborn daddy

  7. hey can u do a updated nursery tour and taking gavyn to the park video

  8. i know ur alot older but could u do a mommy and me day or night and morning routine cause ur toddler girl is soo cute i love her vids toddlers are my favorite :) x

  9. @teentween2000 I just got my travel system today too! :)

  10. Ladiebuggiebabie okay ill tell u when my reborn baby girl comes …and today i got my travel system!!!…..soooo happy!!!

  11. ….. oh that will be so cute! let me know when your little one comes k.

  12. im getting a new reborn baby girl Cali soon…….and in a few days im going to get a winnie the pooh travel system!!!!!…..sooooooooo exited!!!!!!!!

  13. Just found you chick- Love your videos, your babies and you little helpers!!!
    Nice to meet you!!!

  14. ….If you have a walmart or even a target they carry some really cute and girly travel systems. I chose the one we have because I wanted one that was gender neutral. It cost me round about $160 at Target.

  15. ….If I take Hunter out, I usually carry him in my arms. Teaghan is mostly always in the stroller. I get approached all the time. and I have never had a Negative response from anyone. People are always shocked that they were fooled, but they are impressed with how well done the reborns are.

  16. ….I take atleast one reborn out with me maybe about 2 times a week. it depends on what running around I have to get done.

  17. I dont know why But my hubby decided to turn the video into a How to with travel system. lol

  18. That’s an adorable pattern! :)

  19. How cool i want a travel system so bad i been looking at them on craigs lisit to see if i can fine one that i like for cheep they are nice right now i just use my Jeep stroler very nice and easy to use but i want one of thesse LOL. and aww your husband is coming out of his shyness LOL my husband starting to do a little more i just havent got the videos up yet LOL but its nice seeing the reborn daddys LOL the mini reborn is so so tiny and cute grate ideal with sun class i may try that with emily

  20. Men have their uses, LOL! I have a JEEP travel system for my kids, and my dear darling hurband is in charge of it too, haha!

  21. love the travel system

  22. Have you ever done a nursery tour?

  23. WOW Girl Nice travel system!!!! I really want to get one! Great explanition from your husband,i love my husband but figuring things out he is not so good at ! But we have been married so long I forgot the last time I asked him to fix anything! LOL What state do you live in? I am in Missouri.Your baby girl looks so cute sitting behind you! And Hunter is Precious! Teaghan looks all ready to go shopping! LOL Hugs

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