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Urbini Omni 3-in-1versatile travel system-Review

via YouTube Capture.

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  1. Hello… I habe a questions … Jejeje
    How many time you have using this stroller? Still tires soft to drive or
    not? I was buy in the past for my second baby the lamazze stroller with the
    same things and that was very expensive and the tires just working good a
    couple of weeks :/ this Urbini is very cheap and have a good design, I
    really fall love it when I see in walmart but I gonna make sure I have a
    good deal this time… thank you for the review

  2. Hello MyRandomChik, I’ve had this stroller since March. So now it’s been
    Used for almost 3 months, and the tires still work great!!!

  3. I wish you would of showed the connection of the car seat to the stroller

  4. Yes Wendy my store still has them!!

  5. I bought it here in Austin tx!!

  6. I just saw this at walmart and i want it soooo bad…i ran home and looked
    for reviews..thanks for the video im deffinetly going to get it now

  7. Thank you Jaime:)) you will love it!!

  8. Ummmm lol thank you Chris! I do apologize, plz don’t shoot yourself!! :))

  9. Yes the car seat comes with a base:))!!!

  10. what state are you located in cause the walmarts near me are sold and they
    have been for a while now

  11. I guess you could show me…

  12. Im a mommy to be and i am obsessed with this stroller. It has been sold out
    in stores near me and online. Does your store still carry them?

  13. This is a fantastic system I have it in black. The carseat comes with a
    base however you can use the car seat with out the base.

  14. Please if you can share if this comes with the base of car seat. and you
    didn’t have to purchase an additional for car.

  15. I bought this in pink 3 weeks ago and finally used it yesterday! The car
    seat is AWESOME and easy to get in the base and into the stroller frame,
    it’s super lightweight and easy to maneuver. I bought the jj Cole urban
    bundle me in pink to go with it super cute

  16. That’s awesome! Your going to love it!! I really love mine and it has made
    it easier when my daughter falls asleep:)

  17. Can you do another review of this stroller to see how a 3year old would fit
    in it. Since i have a 3year old and a newborn and would like to buy this
    stroller and i know my 3year old is going to use it too. Thanks 

  18. Where can I find a purple one?

  19. Car seat review would be awsome! I was thinking of ordering online but I
    wanted to see a review first thanks! . 

  20. is the carseat cover mashine washable? or atleast looks easy to clean?

  21. Im in lovee with this stroller 

  22. i bought mines 2 months ago but in Black i can’t wait to use it.

  23. i am looking for one of them all in black and no one has them

  24. Hi Kash, yes the car seat comes with a base:) !!

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