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What child seat for a corvette? Thoughts on the Recaro Youth Sport child’s seat?

The Youth Sport seems pricey, but most likely worth the price? It is for 18-80 pounds and converts from a forward facing seat to a booster seat. I've got a corvette and think the Recaro would fit the theme will too - but there are not many reviews of the Recaro.

Or how well a full sized car seat works in the c5 corvette. I've got the infant seat in their now, which is very convenient. When an adult wants a ride, the infant seat fits in the coupe's trunk. Will the Recaro seat fit back there too?
Yeah, we've got a Britax in the other car. I'm more intersted in particulars about the Recaro and/or corvettes.

Oh - and the airbag is turned off (some of my adult passengers ask about that...cause the light is on..the light saying the passenger airbag is disabled.)

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  1. You can use any approved child safety car seat. Take it to the local police department to have them help you install it correctly the first time. Make sure that what ever seat you use, that you have the passenger side air bag disabled. (depending on what year of course the older ones don’t have airbags). The air bag could kill the child even in a low impact accident.

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