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Car seat question!! PLEASE HELP!?

I am having trouble installing the alpha omega carseat by cosco. Anyone else have problems with it! What do I do?!


Convertible seat question..?

How many of you have this seat? "Cosco Scenera 5-Point Convertible Car Seat, Daisy Daze"

My husband and I are looking into getting a new seat for our daughter. This one has awesome reviews and everybody seems to agree to stay away from the expensive ones because this one works just as well. I'm not all about the pricey stuff unless my dad wants to buy it for us heh.


what is the best car seat brands i don’t have alot of money but i want a good car seat??

i used a evenflo travel system with my now 6yr old because i received it as a gift but i wanna compare between evenflo, graco, and cosco because i wanna buy it myself but i don't know which brand is the better brand for the money??


Convertible car seat that lasts…. Daughter needing new car seat soon, she is 7months now…..?

Just looking for brands/kinds people have bought and they have held up well, how long did they hold for, My son has a cosco alpha omega, held up great for 6 yrs, even now he is 8 and still uses it as a booster..... Im not sure should I just buy the same one? all the ones I look at I find something about it and end up looking again,lol


Where can I find the instruction manual for a car seat?

cosco alpha omega with shield


How long would they be able to stay in this car seat for?

I'm a babysitter,and am buying a car seat for the kids I keep so that I don't have to install it every time I keep them.I am looking at the alpha omega seat that has the 5 point harness until 50 lbs,but how long would a child be able to stay in that?Until like what age?I'm not sure the weights of the children,but I'm trying to decide if I should just get the cosco scenera which is 50 dollars cheaper,but only has the 5 point until 40 lbs.I want them to be as safe with me as possible,even if it means spending a little more.
This is the one I'm looking at

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COSCO 22-297-WAL Backless Booster Seat?

A friend of mine just gave me this Booster (Car) Seat for my 4/5 yr old and there was no user manual on how to install it or anything. Please, help!


Is there a rating for the safety of a car seat?

I just bought a convertible car seat for my 1 year old. His father and grandmother are afriad that it's going to "break in half" if we get into a wreck. They said there is some kind of rating system for the safety of all car seats. All I can find is convience ratings and a statement saying that all car seats are safe because they all have to pass the govornments tests. So am I missing something? If I am I will definetly check into it since this is my baby's safety but I can't find any safety ratings.
Also, if anyone actually has wrecked in one how did that go? It's a Cosco Scenera 22197ANQ.

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Need help finding car seat for grandma’s car?

I need to find a car seat for my 15mo son. He is close to 30 lbs & over 30 inches. My mother lives out of state so he will only be in it couple times a year. She is looking at a Cosco Ventura or a Graco. I cannot find much on these but they are cheaper. I have another on the way so planned on using same for second child. Would a toddler- booster be a good seat or should I stay away. ( and what is the difference between this and a convertible /FF?)

Thank you


What is the best car seat for “stage 2″?

We are having to get ready to buy a new carseat for our daughter. She is almost 22 pounds. We want a convitable one. With all the choices out there how do you decide? We seen one by graco we like, one by alpha and omega, on by costco.......What are the pro's and con's of some of these. Our first car seat was given to us as a shower gift and is made by cosco. I didn't really like it but grandparents got it for us so we couldn't really return it. I also knew she wouldn't be in it for long. Any advice for a new one? :) Thank you! We are planning on buying on Monday.

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