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Do you think i should take this car seat back… advice please:)?

My mother bought my daughter who will be a year old on Wednesday her new car seat today. I am slightly concerned because the weight limit is 22 lbs and she is only 20.8 lbs, and the height is 34 inches and she is only about 29-30. She is way to long to be in her infant seat any more so keeping her in there until she gains the 2 lbs is out of the question.

This is a very nice Eddie Bauer seat and i would like to keep it but i am just concerned... should i return it or do you think its ok. She'll probably grow into it in the next month so its not like shes way under weight for the seat.

Thank you :)
yes it is a forward facing car seat that turns into a booster seat, it can not be rear facing.
* hannahs Mommy, i dont know how to do a link :(
I agree,l its not my MOm's fault tho she hasnt had kids in 20 years, back then it wasn't like this. It a very nice seat tho, but i dont have to money to but her another seat just to use til she fits, ill just got and get her the 3 in 1. Thank you for the advice!


I don’t think my son’s car seat is installed properly…?

I just don't think I have my son's car seat in the car correctly. I have it in the middle with the shoulder strap and the strap on the back that attatched behind the seats on the top. I kneeled on the back/bottom of seat to get the seat belt as tight as I could. Well, it still seems to be wiggly. I don't really know how tight its supposed to be or if wiggly is normal or what. I would use the LATCH system, but I don't have latches for the middle seat, just the ones from the side seats so I don't think that would work. I have the Omega Elite Eddie Bauer seat ( I think thats what its called) and can't find my instruction book.
I just bought mine this year so its not included in the recall. But thanks alot for that! I am going to see if my firestation down the road checks them if not I will have to find my nearest police station. (is it bad I don't know where that is>!)



I am looking to buy one, but want to make sure my baby's car seat will fit before I buy it. I currently have the Evenflo discovery 5 infant car seat, anyone know if that one will fit in this stroller? I read the reviews of it on amazon, but no one mentioned infant seats, but it had good reviews for the stroller.
Baby is only two and a half weeks old right now, so he needs something like a travel system to use with his infant seat, and I have to stroll his big brother as well. Once he's big enough to hold his head up while sitting, then the car seat would stay in the car.
Car seat is brand new, purchased two days before baby was born, I ooked at Evenflo's site and didn't see a double there, and didn't like the Sit and Stand when I saw it online, but will look into the Kolcraft. I bought the new one because the old seat from my first son was only a 3 point harness, and this is a 5 point harness.


I am wondering about child car seats………?

I have a son who just turned 3 and I am wondering when he can be in a booster seat. Also, I have a Eddie Bauer car seat that he can be strapped in as well as it doubles as a booster seat. If he can be used in it as a booster seat, then how does that work?


How old was your baby when he/she out grew the infant car seat?

Just curious.

My almost 6 month old is 29 inches long and his feet hang over his infant car seat. And he's like 17 lbs so he's really heavy to carry in it. I have an eddie bauer convertible car seat from my oldest son.

If I put it rear facing, do you think he's big enough for it?
My oldest son was 7 months old when he was in it, obv rear facing,

I would only put my child rear facing. I looked at the manual and it says 5-100 lbs. So I'm gonna make the switch I decided.


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What is a good convertible car seat for my 3 month old?

My son hates his infant car seat. He cries every time he gets in the car. We have tried everything from sitting with him, singing, playing his favorite CD, getting him a light-up toy, cracking the windows for white noise........ nothing has worked! We borrowed an Eddie Bauer convertible car seat from a friend for a few weeks to see how he did in it. He is much happier in it, the only problem is it doesn't recline enough and his head is in an akward position when he falls asleep.

Anyone find a good convertible car seat that reclines for a small baby? He is 3 months and about 15 pounds.
P.S. The weight limit for convertible car seats is 5 lbs- 35 lbs. I checked with his dr. and she said as long as the straps are adjusted correctly he is just as safe in a rear facing convertible car seat.


Wrap Around Infant Carrier Sun Protector

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  • Baby Trend® - All Baby Trend Car Seats
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  • Evenflo® - Embrace Series - Cozy Carry V Series - Discovery Adjust Right V Series- Portabout 5 Series

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Portable car seat?

have a 3 yr old toddler and I am traveling via airplane and I would like to bring a car seat for him. I use to have a portable car seat but now I have no idea where it is and I found it online by luck. Now I am searching for a new one and the only one I can find is the eddie bauer portable car seat which I like but I would like to look at more options. I was wondering if anyone would know of any, what they are called, by who and what site. I want a foldable car seat not a full size. I am already bringing one full size for the younger child, a playpen, a suitcase, a stroller, etc. So just foldable Thanks

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