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How to install Graco Safe Seat car seat?

We do have the manual, and I have looked through it several times. It is just so complicated... The instructions are not simply and clear.

Does anyone know how the Graco safe seat should be installed for a new born? Does anyone know of a descriptive page, maybe with pictures that would show you how to do it and the proper position etc? Thanks a bunch.

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How long did your baby stay in a Graco Snug Ride Car Seat?

Hi ladies,

I am wondering how long can an infant stay in a Graco Snug Ride Car Seat? My son is a month and a half, and he is pretty long already! He is 22 inches, and weights 7.5 pounds. I want him rear facing for as long as possible. How long before your baby out grew a standard car seat? Is it possible to keep my son in his car seat for a year, without him outgrowing it?



is there a difference between the 50$ car seats at wal0mart and the 150$ car seats made by graco?


Which car seat base fits the Graco Mosaic car seat?

I have purchased a Graco Mosaic travel system for my new arrival. We're wanting to get one of the car seat bases which make it much easier to attach the seat to the car but i'm confused by all the different kinds, and typing in Graco Mosaic doesn't seem to help!
Just wondering if anyone has managed to figure out which base it is which is compatible with the car seat?

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what strollers fit graco infant car seats?


Flying with 1 y/o and Graco car seat?

We will obviously need a car seat when we get to where we're going, and I know you can bring one on the plane, which I'd like to do because it looks like there will be empty seats for us to use.
If we just bring the top carrier part of a travel system seat, will that be enough? Do I need to bring the base, too? It's just a standard, recent, Graco quattro travel system.

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Are travelsystem car seats interchangable?

I have a Graco travel system from my first child. The stroller is still in great shape, however I no longer have the car seat that goes with it because it got moldy and was not salvagable. Can I just buy another Graco car seat and have it work just as well WITH attaching to the stroller? What about a different brand of car seat, like a Safety 1st car seat with my Graco stoller?


question abt graco car seat and stroller?

if i get a graco infant car seat ,would that fit in any graco stroller .im plannning to buy a graco stoller little later , but ill definitely buy one which can accept infant car seat on it.
tell me whther all graco infant car seats fits in any graco stroller ??


What patterns did Graco use for its car seats from 2001-2003?

I know this sounds really weird, but I'd really like to know. Again, sorry for the strange question.


The Various Graco Baby Products

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