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KIDDY ( 16C005000 )

Dated: APR 27, 2016 Kiddy USA (Kiddy) is recalling certain World Plus combination forward facing child restraints that convert to a high back booster seat, model 51 100 WP, manufactured from July 2, 2012, through October...

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3 Ruedas - Travel System Chasis: Liviano. Peso: 10 Kg. OHF (Plegado con una mano). Cinturón 5 puntos. Canasto. Posiciones de reclinado múltiples . Bandeja po...


Compass 2010 KIDDY Travel System

Travel System Ultraliviano - Aluminio Diseño super compacto. Asiento reversible y desmontable. Puede transportar el carrier sólo con la estructura. 3 Posicio...


Cochecito Travel System Kiddy Eclipse

Sistema innovador de plegado que proporciona un cierre más compacto. Chasis de aluminio. Asiento se convierte en moisés. 3 posiciones de reclinado. Asiento y...


Baby Car Seat | Children Car Seat | Car Seats – Kiddy Baby car seat & children car seat. Which car seat is right for your child? Car seats offering the best protection, safety, comfort and design. With Kiddy it's the whole family that matters! That's why Kiddy produces the very best children's car seats anywhere, leading the way in protective safety and ergonomic comfort. The infamous 'impact shield' system that characterizes many of our top designs, has been repeatedly proven to be safer than the 5-point harness feature. So step into the future with the best you can buy, and travel the world with Kiddy!


Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Car Seat (Kiddies-Kingdom.Com)

Buy Now At: Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Group 123 Car Seat: Our child safety seats grow as does your child! The kiddy guardian pro 2 accompanies your child from the age of 9 months to 12 years. We have now enhanced the fancy all-rounder for the entire childhood with regard to the essential safety and comfort features. Safety Features: Original Kiddy Impact Shield The Original Kiddy Impact Shield allows for "rolling over" of the upper part of the body in case of a front-end collision or severe braking maneuvers. Thus the very delicate cervical area in children is strained less than with conventional seatbelt systems. New Kiddy Shock Absorber From age group 2 upwards children are secured in the child safety seat with the 3-point seat belt. This system, however, has been designed for adults. Our unique safety component, the Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA), absorbs the braking energy acting on the 3-point seat belt and thus protects your child from high impacts. For the second generation we have improved the absorbing material for better energy absorption and integrated the KSA into the textile cover. Optimized geometric design of the lateral areas Due to the new design of the side protection components our high-performance material Honey Comb V2 is even more effective. Head and shoulder area are protected best possible in case of a side collision. At the same time the good side view through the window is maintained for your child. High-Tech material A seat with ...


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