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Symphony 65 All-in-One Car Seat in Cicero

Product Description
3461954 Features: -Convertible car seat. -Color: Cicero. -Advanced e3 side impact triple-layer foam technology. -Reduces side impact crash forces by 50pct. -ReclineRight multiple-position upfront recline. -Easy to use and adds comfort for the child. -At up to 100 lbs, one hand adjustable headrest as car seat. -65 lbs harness weight rating to keep children harnessed longer. -Exclusive SureLatch technology - just click, click, push. -For super-fast, super-snug insta... More >>

Symphony 65 All-in-One Car Seat in Cicero


Evenflo Symphony 65 with SureLatch All in One Seat in Cocoa

Product Description
Symphony 65 featuring SureLatch combines the latest technology to provide a safe and comfortable ride for baby and peace of mind for mom. Tested using Evenflo's side impact test standard, symphony featuring SureLatch is safety made easier. The Symphony All-In-One seat features the exclusive SureLatch technology, which installs your seat to your vehicle as easily as buckling a seat-belt. The infinite slide harness adjustment system makes for easier height adjustment ... More >>

Evenflo Symphony 65 with SureLatch All in One Seat in Cocoa


Evenflo Symphony 65 E3 All in One Car Seat, Cicero

  • E3 side impact protection
  • Expanded zone of protection
  • Sure latch technology
  • 65 pounds harness weight rating
  • All-in-one car seat

Product Description
The new Evenflo® Symphony 65TM All In One car seat now offers parents superior e3 Side ImpactTM protection to keep their child safe alongside features that help make installation as easy as possible. This All-In-One seat accommodates children ranging from 5-100 lbs. with the most innovation and value on the market.Symphony 65TM provides exclusive safety features like SureLATCH® technology; you simply Click, Click, Push for a super-fast, super-snug installation in ... More >>

Evenflo Symphony 65 E3 All in One Car Seat, Cicero


Evenflo Symphony 65 with SureLatch All in One Seat, Static

  • Side impact teseted
  • SureLatch connecters install quickly
  • Infinite slide harness adjustment system

Product Description
The new Evenflo Momentum65 LX Convertible car seat offers parents superior E3 side impact protection to keep their child safe alongside features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents.Momentum65 provides exclusive safety features like SureLATCH making installation easier and Infinite Slide Harness that simply slides for an accurate fit every time and doesn't require rethreading Safety. So Simple! Evenflo's SUPERIOR E3 SIDE IMPACT... More >>

Evenflo Symphony 65 with SureLatch All in One Seat, Static


Car Seat Safety Innovations: Evenflos Symphony Car Seat - Allison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, highlights the safety innovations of Evenflo's Symphony All-in-One baby car seat. The Symphony features Evenflo's exclusive SureLatch® connectors that make car seat installation easier. For more information on car seats and car seat safety, visit Evenflo's Safety Made Easier site at


Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat With Surelatch- Should You Get One?

Every parent with a newborn in the family is seeking the best for your child. And that's the way it should be. That's why when some of your first trip with your child, you should think of a car seat for baby.


Do not rush to the store to buy one yet. You may well be thinking of a rear-facing seat, but perhaps this is not the best choice for you. Why? Because your baby will grow in no time and will end up with a car seat useless.


The forward-facing seat could also be the solution for you, but you can not use it until your child grows. That's why we recommend that the seat Evenflo Symphony Convertible With Surelatch. It can be used for your baby from the first month of his life until he does not need any car seat. We are talking about a lot of years, right?


You could say that the purchase of child safety seats separately for each age is better, because any type of chair has various uses. This is not the case of the convertible seat Evenflo Symphony With Surelatch because Evenflo always takes care of every detail. His experience of 85 years and his team of engineers guarantees. This type of seat has been designed for all children, and can be purchased in several places.



65 The Evenflo Symphony series has won many awards for its many functions. However, his best role is SureLATCH technology. This is a patented invention to Evenflo. Thanks to its skilled engineers, SureLATCH technology ensures that the car seat can be installed in seconds almost any type of car. At the same time, this technology ensures greater security for babies, working with other security system.


This is not the only innovation of Evenflo for this product. The new Infinite Slide harness adjustment ensures that your baby is comfortable in this chair at any age. And with its memory, you can be sure it can be used to later ages, when your child grows. In fact, many parents decide to use the booster from the start however, as another security measure.


The Evenflo Symphony Surelatch convertible seat side-impact also. side-impact tests have been applied by Evenflo, though not mandatory. Evenflo cares about security more than anything, so they decided to introduce this evidence. Use the same patterns used for testing the safety car. Therefore, the Federal. Safety Standards Commission decided to initiate this type of test, and soon will become mandatory.


Having this type of chair is not only safe, but enjoyable too. You will see your child enjoying his trip, but it also has a good nap when tired. Do not worry about anything in his journey, as Evenflo will take care of everything.



Car Seats: Evenflo Symphony 65 Forward Facing Car Seat with surelatch - This video demonstrates some of the basic steps of installing and using your Evenflo Symphony65™ child car seat. Always read and follow your car seat and vehicle owner's manuals. For more information on car seat installation and car seat safety, please visit


Car Seat Installation: Evenflo Symphony Rear Facing - Thisvideo demonstrates the installation procedure for the Evenflo Symphony car seat as a Rear Facing car seat with SureLatch, and explains proper seat placement and seat belt use. Thank you for choosing Evenflo. Buckle up and safe travels! For more information on Evenflo's car seats, visit http


Evenflo Black Symphony Car Seat

  • All-in-one car seat
  • Designed to safely secure your child from 5 to 100 lbs
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable US safety standards and Evenflo's side impact test standard
  • Includes EPE, energy-absorbing foam
  • Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels 2x the federal crash standard

Product Description
With Surelatch vehicle LATCH attachment system, you simply Click, Click, Push for a super snug installation of the seat to the vehicle.... More >>

Evenflo Black Symphony Car Seat


Evenflo Symphony 65 Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Symphony 65 Convertible Car Seat with SureLatch has NEW technology providing safety & comfort for baby. Symphony is Side Impact Tested & is an All-In-One seat accomodating children from 5-100 lbs.. The Seat features SureLatch, which installs the seat as easily as buckling a seat-belt. The 65 lb rated Infinite Slide™ Harness makes height adjustment easier without rethreading! The multiple-position recline provides comfort for child! Symphony; the only seat you will ever need!...

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